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Noelle has more than more than 15 years of expertise in entrepreneurship. With a focus on strategic planning, brand awareness, and financial viability. She is an entertaining speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences to pursue their passion of entrepreneurship.  Noelle helps clients create versatile processes to help them achieve their company goals. 

Dorine Poole,

Office Manager

Robert Jones, Business Development Manager

Rodney Brown,

‚ÄčExecutive Director

DuShaun joined New Covenant CDC & NLCCC family in November 2019. She works to build relationships with community members, through 1:1 meetings, hosting quarterly NLCCC events and working with NLCCC Steering committee on initiatives focused with Quality of Life Plan. Prior to NLCCC, Branch worked in Higher Education at North Central College in Naperville.

Also a Co-Founder and serves as a member of the Executive Committee of North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council (NLCCC) and Chair of the Economic Development Committee. Rodney served as a Co-Director of the Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD) division of the Joseph Business School for almost 10 yrs. Rodney has more than 30 yrs of experience in business and has served on the boards of non-profit organizations in many roles including the Board Chair of two organizations.  Read more

Rodney Brown, Executive Director
Noelle Curtis, Business Development Manager

Dorine has been with the NCCDC family a little over 5yrs. She is apart of NL Community Coordinating Council, North Lawndale Chamber of Commerce and West Women United. She has experience in customer service, security, medical billing, data entry, agriculture (building and growing food using the hydroponic system) and in office management for more than 10yrs. Dorine has a certificate in Bee Keeping and is an inspiring entrepreneur. She has received The Community that Works Award and A Game Changer Award in North Lawndale Community.

Robert Jones,

Business Development Manager

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DuShaun Branch-Pollard,

Community Organizer & Volunteer Coordinator 

Noelle Curtis,

Business Development Manager

DuShaun Branch-Pollard, Community Organizer & Volunteer Coordinator
Dorine Poole, Office Manager